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Welcome to USP Distributor's Page

Do you want to own a "sure-to-click" business that does not require H-U-G-E capitalization ? Do you want to START doing something right and END up hitting the JACKPOT?

If your answer is no less than a BIG "yes" to these questions, then YOU are the person we are looking for.

Join us by becoming our DISTRIBUTOR and be a step ahead in making a FORTUNE! Be a part of this prestigious circle of partners authorized to market our latest product - The Ultimate Shield Package!

USP is a prepaid health card that comes with different premiums and benefits. With a "pay-one-time" scheme, the program is designed for bulk selling and truly perfect for a successful distribution business. So easy-to-market, so easy-to-earn!

Check out the following USP variants and find out how you can make a fortune in just a short time!

USP Variant Benefits Premium
USP Mega P20,000/year Emergency Confinement due to illness (one time use only)
P30,000/year - Hospitalization due to accident (one time use only)
PHP 2,400.00
USP Ultra Daily Hospitalization Benefit - P1,500/day/illness or confinement/year
Maximum Coverage Benefit - P300,000/year
Life Insurance - P10,000/year
ADD - P20,000/year
PHP 3,000.00 (valid for 1year)

USP Supreme APE
- Physical examination
- Chest X-ray
- Complete Blood Count
- Urinalysis
- Fecalysis
PHP 2,200.00 (for APE done in selected IWC accredited hospitals and clinics)

PHP 1,500.00 (for APE done in IWC own clinics)

Who is an International Distributor of USP?

An international distributor is our company's partner who share the same vision of reaching out to all overseas Filipinos for the healthcare protection of their loved ones in the Philippines.

How to become an International Distributor?

If you are interested on becoming our international distributor, simply follow the steps below

1. Call 403-38-13 or send an email using the template below.

Subject: Distributor Membership Request

Telephone (area code included)
Mobile Number:

2. Send your email at uspims@gmail.com and wait for a response from our coordinators

3. Create an account using the access code given by IMS

Create Account

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Becoming a distributor is free just follow the steps below.