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Ultimate Shield Package

Good news to all Overseas Filipino Workers! Whether you are land based or at sea, you can be sure that your loved ones in the Philippines are protected in times of sickness and accidents... even if you are thousands of miles away from home!

Thanks to.... the Ultimate Shield Package, a new healthcare protection program from the companies that brought you the now famous Exclusive Care Program (ECP)--Integrated Management Services and IMS Wellthcare!

USP is designed with the Filipino overseas workers in mind. With its "pay-one-time" feature, USP comes in different variants loaded with powerful healthcare benefits that include hospitalization due to illness or accidents, or daily hospitalization coverage, or APE. For an unbelievably miniscule price, you can now insure the health of your family and friends back home! Choose from any of the USP variants-USP Mega, USP Supreme, USP Ultra and choose what is BEST for you!


Prepaid annual physical examination (APE)


Prepaid confinement due to Accident


Prepaid confinement due to illness and/or accident


Prepaid emergency confinement